Obesity Code Podcast

  Title Description
  1. Pilot Episode - Marie Drake Marie Drake developed T2DM and obesity while eating a vegan diet and running marathons.
  2. Blaming the Victim Kim Klein blamed herself for her inability to control her hunger and her weight.
  3. Questions for IDM Part #1: Insulin Resistance Jason and Megan answer questions about fasting and nutrition.
  4. Non-Scale Victories Kim Demarest shares her non-scale victories.
  5. Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere Annette Demers didn't realize hidden sources of sugar were holding her back.
  6. Food as a Reward Mark Dorley used food as a reward to gain an enormous amount of weight
  7. Thanksgiving Special Stories, science, and tips for getting through the holiday season.
  8. Yo-Yo Dieting IDM patient Melissa overcomes years of yo-yo dieting.
  9. Stress and Weight Gain Cheryl learns to manage personal and professional stress to overcome obesity and depression.
  10. Kidney Disease John battles kidney disease.
  11. Holiday Message A special holiday message from Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos.